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Tips for Vacation in Indonesia

Have you finally decided to spend your vacation in Indonesia ? Well rest assured it’s a very beautiful country with a lot of interesting sites for you to come and enjoy. But when talking about Indonesia, you should know a few tips that can make your holiday more enjoyable.

Things you should take a bit more seriously:

1. Avoid the night flight (arrive in Indonesia at night); better to arrive in Indonesia at daytime. Why? Simply because most Indonesian people don’t speak English, including most of the taxi drivers, of course because they are Indonesian. In Indonesia, English hasn’t become the second language yet. So unless you are have someone to pick you up, it’s advisable to arrange your arrival before 7.00 pm (local time) so you have many alternative transportations. Browse the internet to search local taxi company, the one that have website will serve you better.

2. Always prepare Indonesia’s Rupiahs; You need them, because you are in Indonesia and no one here use Dollar. The problem is how are you going to get them? Search the internet for bank in Indonesia, most of them have exchange rate calculator or even affiliated with international bank so you can use your account here.

3. Have Indonesian Cell Phone number; You better have an Indonesian’s cell phone numbers, it’s cheaper. Or you can ask your provider for International Roaming facilities in Indonesia.

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Indonesia shopping tips – travel tips and articles

What are some good things to shop for in Indonesia?

Basically, local wares, clothing, arts/crafts, jewellery and other locally hand-made products.

  • The queen of all Indonesian traditional crafts is batik. This does not mean your choice is limited to clothing. Batik is essentially a dyed cloth, so once the fabric becomes batik, it can then be further tranformed into all sorts of products: bags, hats, fans, curtains, tablecloths, bed linen, tea coasters, mats, decorative screens, etc, etc.
  • Clothing: The highest quality (and has often the most beautiful pattern) batik is the hand-painted kind (batik tulis).
  • Arts: The very best is leather shadow puppets (wayang kulit), the more affordable is wooden doll puppets (wayang golek).
  • Jewelry: Silver is the most decorative and original, but in the budget end there isn’t much choice. I find it nearly impossible to get good quality for other metals (all that I’ve bought has turned greenish gray, black, dull, or broke).
  • Wooden or leather offers a very wide range — you need to check carefully if the price matches the quality.
  • Precious gems and pearls — I never bought any and I heard you should take extra care.
  • Anything bamboo-based is very affordable, with many nice products to choose from, but… some, especially the most intricatedly woven kind, grow moldy easily (depending on the climate where you live).

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